City NEwsMonday evening the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety opened bids for 2021 fuel and street materials.

Ceres Solutions was the only company to provide a bid for fuel.  Diesel was bid at $2.23 with all taxes included while gasoline was $1.97 with all taxes.  The amounts were based on the daily rate.  The city has the option to select a firm price for the entire year or go with the current rate which would be set when the make their purchases.

Bids were also opened for Street Material.  Stockberger Trucking and Irvin Materials submitted bids on various supplies.  Number 53 gravel was $11.75 per ton at Stockberger while Irvin did not bid that item.  Ice sand was $9.75 a ton at Stockberger and $9.00 at Irvin, Fill Dirt is $7.75 at Stockberger and $9.00 at Irvin, Fill Sand was bid at $8.75 a ton at Stockberger and $7.75 at Irvin.  Number 53 Crushed limestone is $20.50 a ton and #73 crushed is $21.50 per ton at Stockberger and the crushed limestone, both 53’s and 73’s was bid at Irvin Materials for $18.50 per ton.

All bids were approved by the Board of Public Works and Safety.