716 North Plum_garageMarshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger shared with the commissioners last week the two appraisals for the property at 716 North Plum Street during their meeting last week.

Building and Grounds is interested in purchasing the property and use it for storage of various equipment and as a location to conduct routine maintenance on equipment.

The property has been for sale at an asking price of $38,000.  For the county to purchase the piece of property two appraisals must be completed and the highest the county can pay is the average of the two appraisals.

Clevenger said the average of the two appraisals was $39,500.  He said the sell is interested but indicated the property would be sold in “as is” condition.  The building is not in the greatest condition and there were two issues that popped up, one with zoning and the other with the environmental.

The commissioners are currently paying $500 a month to rent a garage across the alley from the County Building.  The biggest issue with that is it has a basement underneath of it so they can’t put the bobcat or other heavy equipment in it because it won’t support the weight.

The commissioners agreed to make an offer on the property and make it conditional on the zoning and environmental issues.  This means the county will have to investigate those two possible issues and make a final decision before moving forward with the purchase.