Jack Jordan state Rep

The 2021 legislative session is scheduled to begin on Monday, Jan. 4, and Senator Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) will join other state lawmakers to consider ideas for new laws.

Jordan said, “I was recently appointed to serve as vice chair of the House Education Committee, where we will be focused on ensuring all students continue to have access to a quality education. I will also serve on the House Ways and Means Committee, where we will be tasked with crafting Indiana’s next two-year state budget. As a member of the House Government and Regulatory Reform Committee, I will also work on eliminating bureaucratic red tape, helping Indiana run more effectively and saving taxpayer dollars.”

If you have ideas for new laws or opinions on matters facing the Indiana General Assembly, please contact Senator Jordan at 317-232-9753 or H17@iga.in.gov. He said, “As your representative, I rely on your feedback to help guide me as I vote on important issues.”

For more information and to access livestreams of committee hearings and session, agendas and calendars online, visit iga.in.gov.