County news # 2When it came time for the Marshall County Commissioners to consider the Sheriff’s contract for 2021 during their meeting on Monday, there was some reluctance.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said the contact was identical to the same one passed for the several years except for the amount.  Next year the sheriff is to be paid $91,125.80.

Commissioner Mike Burroughs motioned to approve the contract and Commissioner Stan Klotz asked if the contract was up for discussion or asked if they were “obligated by law to just rubber stamp it?”  Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said that it’s in the salary ordinance so there’s really nothing we can do about it.

The attorney said the county went to a contract with the sheriff years ago because sheriffs in the State of Indiana were using various options and means by which they could receive additional compensation.  The county did away with those extra ways the sheriff in Marshall County could make additional funds.

Commissioner Klotz said his concerns were different than the compensation.  He said, “I’m upset with the fact that parents out in Linkville can’t get patrols.  They have handicap children.   We can’t get patrols on these county roads.  They won’t stop the trucks from destroying them.  I’ve heard of some things going on and I just ask by law if I have to approve this or not.”

The county attorney said, “You have to pay him.  He’s an elected official.  Normally if somebody’s not doing their job they don’t get elected.”

Commissioners Kevin Overmyer said, “I’m going to echo Stan’s concerns.  He went on to say, “A few years ago the sheriff was written out of our emergency winter preparedness plan because there was no interest from him.  Just recently he was taken off the EMA Advisory Council.”  He went on to say, “I know we have to pay him but.”

Commissioner Mike Burroughs said, “He’s been less than a team player.  Let’s just say it that way.”

Commissioner Klotz said, “I don’t like it but I will reluctantly second the motion to approve the contract.”

Commissioner Burroughs said before the vote, “When a governor of the State of Indiana passes an ordinance during an emergency declaration and the county sheriff said we’re not going to enforce it.  I don’t know how that county sheriff who has taken an oath to uphold that set order.  How does he stay in that office?”  He continued, “That’s what is disappointing along with all the other things that have been mentioned.”

Commissioner Klotz said, “It’s just getting out of control.”

The vote was 2 to 1 with Commissioner Overmyer voting No to the 2021 sheriff’s contract.