County News # 1The Marshall County Commissioners questioned Sheriff’s Deputy Neal Wallace on why Sheriff Matt Hassel was not at their meeting on Monday to request a pre-pay for Oliver Ford Lincoln to replace two patrol vehicles that were totaled in two separate accidents.  Wallace said he was out of town.

Wallace said one vehicle was totaled when a sheriff’s deputy was involved in a car-deer accident and the second was a crash with a UTV on Flat Lake Road.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked what the amount of the pre-pay request was and Wallace did not have that information.  He did have a check from the Sheriff, using the commissary funds to cover the remainder of the cost which was $11,447.

Overmyer said, “It’d be nice if we knew what we were approving.”

Wallace estimated $14,000 to $15,000.

Overmyer said, “We don’t usually approve a pre-pay without knowing the amount.  We’re not just going to approve a pre-pay without knowing the dollar amount we are approving.”

Auditor Julie Fox whose office handles the billing knew nothing about the pre-pay request.

The commissioners tabled the request until the amount of the pre-pay request is known.