County news # 2Last week Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer appeared before the County Council to discuss a joint resolution to apply extra funds from the Special Local Income Tax (LIT) intended to pay the jail bond to help fund jail operations.

Legislation says when the jail bond is paid off any excess funds that have been collected should be applied to the Highway Department.  Overmyer said they have been talking with legislators and the joint resolution will show support from both the commissioners and council.  They will be asking the general assembly to clarify that after the bond is paid the excess proceeds from the Special LIT can be applied to operations at the Jail.

Overmyer said the county needs the excess Special LIT funds to operate the jail now and will need it in the future.  He estimated that nearly a million dollars of excess funds are used now for jail operations.

Councilman Jon VanVactor said the jail bond is about $1.2 million each year and the Special LIT brings in about $1.8 annually.

The Commissioners are expected to sign the joint resolution during their meeting on Monday.