A status conference was held Thursday morning December 17th on the murder case of Duane Longacer.  A conference hearing is just between the attorneys.  Tom Black is the attorney for Mr. Longacre and Prosecutor Nelson Chipman is the attorney for the State of Indiana.


MugShot_Duane Longacre 6-28-20Duane Longacre is accused of murder of Jill McCarty in a Plymouth home June 28th.  He is also accused of starting a fire inside the home.

In July Longacre intentionally broke his pinky finger by slamming a cell door on it while incarcerated in the Marshall County Jail.   He was transported to the hospital for treatment and there attempted to bite off his own finger.

Duane Longacre has been charged with Murder, Arson as level 4 felony and Resisting Law Enforcement as a class A misdemeanor.  He has received an additional level 5 felony for a Prisoner Possessing Dangerous Device or Material plus a class B misdemeanor count of criminal mischief in another case.

No agreement was reached during the status conference regarding a resolution, consequently, the matter is being scheduled for a trial by jury.   No trial date has yet been given.