twice treasuredThe Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Mark Senter conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday at 11:30 A.M. for Twice Treasured Vendor Shoppe located on East Jefferson Street.

The establishment once known as the Trading Post since 2004 has now been renamed by the new Owner Harriet Thompson who took ownership of the building October 1st.


Twice_2Twice Treasured Vendor Shoppe holds 107 booths within the building with 75 active vendors. The list of items throughout the building is ongoing as you will find repurposed items, vintage household items and antiques along with store wide Christmas decorations.

Twice_FireplaceTwice Treasured Vendor Shoppe is located at 523 East Jefferson Street. Business hours will be Tuesday thru Friday 10-6 P.M. and Saturday 12-6 P.M.