Jack Jordan state RepState Rep. Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) was recently appointed to serve as vice chair of the House Education Committee.


He will also serve on the House Committee on Ways and Means and the House Government and Regulatory Reform Committee.


“This year, students, teachers and parents have all made sacrifices for the sake of a safe learning environment,” Jordan said. “As schools and families continue to navigate this new landscape, it’s become more apparent that additional tools are needed to help ensure our children receive the quality education they deserve.”


As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Jordan will play a key role in passing Indiana’s next biennial budget, where K-12 education accounts for over half of the total budget.


Jordan, a retired businessman with extensive fiscal experience, said he will use his experience to help guide him as he considers budget priorities.


“Despite the challenges we have seen throughout this pandemic, Indiana’s track record of fiscal responsibility helped us remain in a better financial position than most other states,” Jordan said. “We will face some tough budgetary decisions this session, but I remain committed to never spending more than we take in, and once again enacting a balanced budget.”


Jordan said House standing committees will meet throughout the legislative session, which is scheduled to kick off on Jan. 4.


Access committee hearings, calendars and agendas online at iga.in.gov. Visit IndianaHouseRepublicans.com or click here for the full list of House standing committee appointments.