FIre Department building

Members of the Plymouth City Council ratified Mayor Mark Senter’s Executive Order 2020-26 pertaining to the Plymouth Fire Department during their meeting Monday evening.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi told the council the order had to do with having fire department employees using their vacation time during the pandemic and by the end of the year.

The mayor’s Executive Order waives the procedure set forth in the employee handbook that requires a city employee to use their vacation time by the end of the year or it will be forfeited.

Fire Chief Rod Miller told the council his department has been working an extreme amount of overtime with the pandemic and he has had to cancel some vacation time for employees.  He said, “In order to keep the place staffed and going, I’ve been approached by several staff members who asked if they could opt out and be paid the remainder of their vacation days.”  He told the council it would “alleviate a lot of my headaches.”

When asked how much time he was talking about the Fire Chief said less than 10 days.