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The Triton School Board met on Monday, December 14 in of the library of the Triton Jr/Sr. High School. The board meetings are historically convened in the Administration Office meeting area ; however, due to the COVID restrictions concerning social distancing, the meeting was moved. Among other audience members, several students enrolled in government classes attended to fulfill their requirements for attending government meetings.

The board excepted the resignation of Mason McIntyre, Athletic Director /Dean of Students. His resignation will be effective June 30 or at the end date of his current contract. Superintendent Jeremey Riffle shared appreciation for McIntyre’s 14 years of service and his leadership. According to Riffle, McIntyre will be joining the staff of the Second Mile School located in the Dominican Republic and will be able to provide the leadership from here in the United States.

The board approved several personnel requests during the business portion of the meeting. Riffle said Marsha Keyser has been performing the duties in her position that are the same as a regular teacher. The board approved extending her a regular teacher contract with the exception that the corporation will not contribute to the teacher retirement fund.

Unanimous approval was also extended to the following: Zach Whittaker, volunteer wrestling coach; Melissa LaShure, 5th grade girls basketball coach; Lana Hostrawser, 6th grade girl basketball coach; Chad Kennedy, 7th grade girls volunteer basketball coach; Bacca Kennedy, 7th grade girls basketball coach; Lindsay Shively, 8th grade girls basketball coach; and Sarn Stutzman, 8th grade girls volunteer basketball coach.

The Nappanee Missionary Church was given permission to use the corporation’s busses to provide transportation to summer camps for students. The church will provide insurance and pay for both drivers and mileage.

The corporation will purchase two 2022 Thomas C2 66 passenger buses that were included in the Bus Replacement Plan.

Jay Grossman was reappointed to the Bourbon Library Board.

Superintendent Riffle noted that they have required quarantine for several students due to the COVID pandemic. He said, “We are making sure will are following the directions of health officials.”

The board voted 5-0 to approve on first reading a policy concerning sexual harassment that is included in the Title 9 policy. Riffle indicated that the term “indifferent” is used throughout the proposed policy that requires official take due diligence in addressing charges relating to sexual harassment.

Carol Anders Correspondent