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PLYMOUTH – Plymouth’s Lady Pilgrims will host a JV tournament on New Year’s eve at Plymouth high school.
Teams from Plymouth, Kankakee Valley, Penn, and Goshen will face off for the tournament title starting at 9 a.m.
Plymouth is asking that all fans adhere to COVID-19 protocols in place.
Only four immediate family members will be allowed to attend games during the tournament.
Players, coaches, and fans will be expected to be masked up at all times when in the high school and will be required to show that they have a mask as they enter the building.
Players will be able to take the mask down while playing. They are also asked to stay on the team bench side of the gymnasium and to not move the individual chairs that have been placed using social distancing.
Fans are also asked to respect and adhere to the seating expectations and practice social distancing.
Matchups will be:
9 a.m. – KV vs Penn (Auxiliary Gym)
Plymouth vs Goshen (Varsity Gym)
10:30 a.m. – 1st Round losers play in Auxiliary Gym
1st Round winners play in Varsity Gym
Any questions can be directed to the PHS Athletic Office at 574-936-3215.