Football Awards

Bremen’s Lions handed out individual team awards to this year’s squad who went 9-3 on the season winning an NIC South championship.
Pictured left to right, Reece Greene, JV MVP, Angel Estrada, Special Teams MVP, Lane Moser, All-NIC 1st Team (DL), Brody Ecenbarger, All-NIC 1st Team (OL), Ashton Shively, NIC Honorable Mention (DB), Marty Manges, NIC Honorable Mention (DL), Austin McKenzie, NIC Honorable Mention (LB), Hunter Bennitt, Captain, 4-Year Letterman, Team Most Valuable Player, Defense MVP, Hammer Award, All-NIC 1st Team (WR), Blake Dingus, NIC Most Valuable Player, Offense MVP, All-NIC 1st Team (RB), Indiana Football Coaches Association All-State, BHS Record – Season Carries (254), Brody Beasley, All-NIC 1st Team (OL), Coach Award, Connor Hundt, Defense Most Improved, All-NIC 1st Team (LB), Grant Kauffman, Captain, 4-Year Letterman, NIC Honorable Mention (LB), NIC Academic Honors, not pictured above, Zach Czarnecki, Offense Most Improved, NIC Honorable Mention (DB), Cody Czarnecki, JV Most Improved