Mask MandateSince the governor’s Executive Order on mask wearing across the state, the Marshall County Health Department has dealt with 71 interactions.  Basically they are complaints and questions received by phone, email and facebook.

Dean Schmidlapp from the Health Department said they have received requests for waivers, which they do not approve, information on workplace protocols and details on face coverings usage.

Schmidlapp said there have been 27 establishments that have been investigated and only 2 have been issues a written notice.  A written notice requires a 48 hour follow up and so far they have been in compliance.  If a business continues to operate in an unsafe manner they would be issued an order to close the business.  At that point the Secretary of State will be notified and any relevant licensing or permitting entity will be notified to revoke such.  The order would also be turned over to the County Prosecutor.

Schmidlapp said there have been no fines or closures of business at this time. Each violation of the ordinance could receive a $100 fine every day the violation exists.

The Marshall County Mask Ordinance is not to control people or businesses but rather demonstrate the importance of face coverings, which has been recommended by the CDC as a means to slow the spread of the coronavirus.  The ordinance is only a tool that can be used to encourage businesses to become partners in public health.