Marshall County Crossroads Stellar 2019One of the most visible projects to be nearing completion in year one of Marshall County’s Stellar Designation is the Bremen Downtown Streetscape Revitalization Project. This project was one of the key transportation improvement projects in our Regional Development Plan and was designed to make the streetscape more functional for all users, while updating underground infrastructure at the same time. This project was paid for through a combination of an INDOT grant for streetscape improvements and matching local funds.
The project includes full depth reconstruction of Plymouth Street; addition of pedestrian scale lighting, banners, bike lanes, and street trees; wider sidewalks; and improved accessibility. The goals of all these changes are to make area more user friendly for pedestrians, bicyclists, and people visiting the downtown commercial area. The new design will also be safer for pedestrians and bicyclists by slowing traffic with narrower lane widths and more clearly defined spaces.
Major road work on Plymouth Street was completed in late November, and additional sidewalk and concrete work is still ongoing. After a period of heavy construction on the street itself, all involved were pleased to see the street reopen to traffic before Thanksgiving.
As of December 8, the street repaving has been completed and sidewalk work is continuing this week. Items remaining to be done include installation of pedestrian scale lighting and planters to give the downtown a more inviting, pedestrian friendly feel.
As the final touches are being made, Town Director of Operations Trend Weldy is hoping to see the major construction completed before Christmas. According to Weldy, “There is a lot of pent up excitement to see the construction complete and to see all transportation users be able to take advantage of a more user-friendly downtown Bremen.” By early 2021, it will be one major project completed for the Marshall County Crossroads planning team and the Town of Bremen, and many more to go!