Senator Todd Young 1-5-18 During Tuesday’s Senate GOP leadership press conference, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) discussed his year-end priorities including passing critical coronavirus relief for Hoosiers, getting this year’s National Defense Authorization Act signed into law, and working on funding the federal government before time runs out.


“Look, as we approach year’s end there is a lot of important business still to be tended to, as my colleagues indicated. Most importantly, we need to pass a coronavirus relief package. I’ve been hearing for months from Hoosiers about the importance of getting this done. I think it was helpful that a number of my colleagues came together in a bipartisan fashion and put forward a proposal that is giving us some traction now. So, I’m optimistic that we are going to pass this package and provide the relief that Hoosiers and other Americans need before year’s end and I look forward to doing everything I can to make sure that happens.


“Number two, we need to make sure that we fund the essential services of our federal government, to maintain faith in our government officials, to maintain faith in our institutions, especially in the midst of a global pandemic and an economic downturn, and frankly no one sent any of us here to shut government down so I’m optimistic we can come to terms on that front as well.


“And then lastly, as a U.S. Marine, I think it is essential that we make sure that we pass the defense authorization bill to fund our men and women in uniform and all that they do for us, and also to make sure that we keep the American people safe. I am looking forward to a productive couple of weeks here as we approach the holidays and I do have a measure of optimism, even amidst some of the political challenges we’ve faced in recent months and years that this will be a productive couple of weeks ahead,” said Senator Young.