Todd RokitaAttorney General-Elect Todd Rokita is urging the United States Supreme Court to accept and take up the case filed by the State of Texas challenging certain state’s election results and the conduct of their elections which have called into question the integrity of the 2020 count.

“As Indiana Attorney General-Elect, and a former chief elections officer for the State of Indiana, I urge the United States Supreme Court to take up the case filed by the State of Texas challenging the election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan. Millions of citizens in Indiana have deep concerns regarding the conduct of the 2020 Presidential election. Deeply rooted in these concerns is the fact that some states appear to have conducted their elections with a disregard to the U.S. Constitution.

Furthermore Indiana citizens have become frustrated as some in the media and the political classes simply try to sidestep legitimate issues raised about the election for the sake of expediency. Only the U.S. Supreme Court can settle this real controversy among the states. Only by taking up this case and allowing a full and fair hearing of the facts will the Supreme Court help restore the confidence of the American people in our elections,” said Attorney General-Elect Rokita.

If the court agrees to hear this case, then I urge the State of Indiana to join this suit,” Rokita added. Indiana conducted its election fairly, within the confines of the Constitution, and our voters are damaged if other states conducted their elections unconstitutionally.”