David's Courage David’s Courage is taking a moment from their busy year to celebrate.

“We have had a great year and have made a significant impact on many lives” states Gregg Erickson, co- founder and Board President of David’s Courage. “We have helped with a new church extension, assisted with 28 community food distributions, found jobs for our guys; we witnessed our first baptism, along with many other activities.” One major celebration is the sober birthday of one of their residents named Adam.

Erickson adds “we are incredibly proud of Adam. Not only has he been sober for 11-months, which is a huge accomplishment in itself, but he also received his driver license and purchased a car. He is a role model for our program.” The program at David’s Courage not only focuses on an individual’s sobriety, it is about building the entire person back up, creating lasting mentor-ship connections, helping to find work, teaching life skills, reuniting families, and encouraging residents to walk on a Christian path.

The services David’s Courage provides extend beyond the program inside their home. They have countless volunteer hours helping in the community and serve as a coordinator for people looking for help. Kelly Erickson, Treatment Coordinator Navigator for Marshall County and David’s Courage co-founder and board member, fields those types of calls through David’s Courage. “I receive a cry for help from a random caller almost daily. Sometimes it is someone in jail who is almost ready to get out and does not want to go back to their old lifestyle. And sometimes it is a mother sobbing on the phone feeling completely lost and heartbroken because her grown child has an addiction and she doesn’t know where to turn. They often need someone to listen to them more than anything” states Kelly.

Earlier this year, David’s Courage announced they had to run their program for 12-months prior to applying for CARF certification. That time frame is almost complete, and they will soon move to the next phase of the process which is the application and site visit. They are currently running a fundraiser “$11K in 11 days” to raise the necessary funds that must accompany the application.

“The year just keeps getting better for our residents” states Tammy Houin, volunteer treasurer for David’s Courage. “As a Board, we were concerned how we were going to come up with the extra funds needed for the application. We have such a giving community, so we put the fundraiser out there and trusted for the provisions. We are just seven days into it and well on our way to reaching our goal. Yet another reason to celebrate this year!”

David’s Courage hopes to have a celebration open house once COVID restrictions are no longer a concern. For information on $11K in 11 days fundraiser, visit their website or social media accounts.

David’s Courage is a residential recovery program and transitional residency facility for men recovering from drug and alcohol addiction in Plymouth, Indiana. An expansion to include women is a future goal. Learn more at www.Facebook.com/DavidsCourage or www.DavidsCourage.com.