County News # 1Marshall County Emergency Management Director Clyde Avery updated the Commissioners on grant applications.

The letter of interest for the 2020 Emergency Management Performance Grant for salary reimbursement was submitted.  The Indiana Department of Homeland Security district liaison completed the assessment and determined that Avery and Marshall County had met all the requirements.  The county will receive 50% of Avery’s salary for this year as a reimbursement.

The other grant update was the request to apply for the Coronavirus Relief Fund Safety Awareness Program Grant.  This is another part of the CARES Act funding that is available to the county.  Avery is requesting $165,050.60 and said the funding will supplement the prior allocation of $1.5 million the county has already received.

Funds from this grant will go towards enforcement and education of the governor’s executive order requiring the wearing of masks.  It will also support the county commissioner’s ordinance that mirrors the governor’s order.

This is a reimbursable grant so once approved the county will spend the funds and then submit to the Indiana Finance Authority for reimbursement.   Avery noted that the funds must be expended prior to December 30th and requests for reimbursement submitted.

The Marshall County Health Department and Emergency Management have been working on a couple of projects to move forward with if approved for the grant.

Commissioner Stan Klotz asked for specifics on what the funds would be used for an Avery said, “Enforcement and education is what it’s geared toward.”  He went on to say they are looking at a video production company to help get the message out along with billboards, social media and the local media.

Avery said they have spoken with a couple security agencies which seemed interested in working with the Health Department as far as the enforcement aspect.  These grant funds could be used to pay for the security people.

The commissioners unanimously approved applying for additional CARES Act funds for the Coronavirus Relief Fund Safety Awareness Program Grant.