Jim Budd Telacommunist of the year 2020The Marshall County Sheriff Matthew Hassel is pleased to announce that Marshall County Dispatcher Jim Budd has been awarded the Indiana Association of Public Safety Communications Officers (APCO) Telecommunicator of the Year.  This award is awarded to one Telecommunicator/Dispatcher in the State of Indiana each year.

Jim Budd has worked at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office since July 16, 2007 as Turnkey/Dispatcher. Jim Budd is always very patient and understanding with his callers.  His experience in the EMS field has helped him in dealing with even the most difficult calls.  During this past two years Jim went through a very rough cancer treatment.  During this time, even though he was very sick, he was very dedicated and showed up for work. In the extreme sickness leading up to the treatment and after, Jim still exemplified the spirit and attitude of customer service.  No matter how bad he felt, he never let that affect how he treated the public and his fellow employees.  His great attitude and positive outlook has a profound positive effect on his fellow co-worker’s attitudes and how they treat those that they deal with.

Throughout his career, Jim always has a smile on his face and positive outlook, even after losing all his hair and battling nerve pain in his legs due to the treatments. He is quick to joke and always reminds us “it could be worse”.  Even when things are at its worst, Jim is the calm in the storm.  He is always quick to point out where improvements can be made, yet usually has a plan to fix them and is always willing to jump in and help make the department a better place.

He always is calm and quick thinking. Whether a person calling about his baby not breathing or a deadly bus crash on US 31 that he worked, Jim always embodies the professionalism that is expected of a Public Safety Telecommunicator.

He not only embodies this at work but also spends a great amount of his personal time raising money for different charities and serving his community as a volunteer firefighter/EMT with the Plymouth Fire Department.

The picture from left to right, Communications Supervisor Matthew Pitney, Turnkey/Dispatcher Jim Budd and Sheriff Matthew Hassel.