County BuildingThe Marshall County Commissioners will meet Monday morning beginning at 8:30 in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.

The commissioners have a full agenda for the meeting including an update from the Highway Superintendent Jason Peters, the quarterly report from Emergency Management Director Clyde Avery along with a request to apply for a CARES-Office of Management and Budget Safety Awareness Grant.

Greg Hildebrand from the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation will present the sub-recipient agreement for the micro-loan program funded through from CARES/OCRA.

Sheriff Hassel will be asking for approval to begin the process to purchase the 2021 vehicles budgeted for his department and Ward Byers from Community Corrections will discuss the CARES-Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) Technology Grant agreement.

Also on the commissioner’s agenda is the County Attorney’s Report with a temporary remote work policy, County Auditor’s Report included the nepotism police and disclosure policy and a claim request from Graycraft Signs for the LED Message Signs provided with COVID funds.

The Commissioner’s meeting is open to the public although masks are required along with social distancing.