5D Road lotsTuesday evening the Plymouth Plan Commission conducted their final meeting of the year.  President Doug Feece called the meeting to order and presented the only case to be heard.

The Power of Attorney for the Donald and Mary Lou Fritz property at the dead-end of 5D Road, just of Michigan Road, Lonnie Stutler, was requesting to take two large rural parcels and making three building lots.  Each lot will have 50 feet of frontage on 5D Road.

Plan Consultant Ralph Booker said the Technical Review Committee (TRC) reviewed the request on November 10th and had no comments.  He did not that there are wetlands on the property and no homes could be constructed prior to obtaining a septic and well permit.

During the public meeting Bob Deon, a longtime neighbor and friend of the Fritz’s said the property is primarily wetland with very little area to construct three homes on.  He also said the Mary Lou had passed away and that Don was bedridden and was unable to sign an application for such a request.

Plan Commission member, Fred Webster asked if a representative for the request was present and it was determined no one was there to speak on behalf of the request.

The City Attorney, Sean Surrisi was able to make a call to the POA and told him someone needed to attend the meeting to answer questions from the City Plan Commission.  The board tabled any action until their January 5th meeting and requested someone appear before the board.