Parkway ClosureMarshall County Highway Department will be replacing culvert pipes on 7b at the Elmer Seltenright Ditch east of Michigan, with an Aluminum Box Culvert. The road will be closed to ALL traffic from Monday thru Friday, December 4th.

The County Highway Department has posted signage for those traveling to McLiver Drive will be able to access off of Michigan Street. Those traveling to Woodbury Drive will be using the access road out to Veterans Parkway.

The access road is about 435 feet east of the Woodbury east entrance and about 2500 feet east of roundabout. The access road is about 450 feet long from Veterans Parkway to 7B.

During this detour PLEASE DRIVE with caution, as your normal driving habits will change. The access road traveling north off of 7B will be posted with a STOP SIGN at Veterans Parkway.

There will be a stop sign at the access road traveling south off of Veterans Parkway at 7B.

Again please drive with caution, as vehicles will be accessing on and off Veterans Parkway . Give yourself and others plenty of time and notice during this time.