rees-option1As the City of Plymouth’s main Stellar Communities project, phase four of the REES will be completed with funds from the Office of Rural Affairs (OCRA) through a grant awarded the city.  Monday evening the Common Council approved the sub-recipient agreements.

Phase four of the REES includes completing the interior.  The basement will house a small dressing area for those using the above stage for things such as theatrical plays. Also downstairs will be a restroom and storage area.

The large theater room will be converted into a 3,000 square foot, free span, open community room with handicap assessable restrooms.  It will have four tiered levels that can accommodate up to 290 people with chairs set up auditorium style or 160 people with round tables and chairs for banquets and weddings. At the east end of the room there will be a 550 square foot raised stage area that can be used for things such as TED Talks, school band performances or pre-school graduation ceremonies.

The main level will also contain a catering kitchen that will have basic kitchen amenities such as sink, refrigerator and a warming oven.  This kitchen area will be available for use during public and private events.

The second level of the REES will have additional restroom facilities and a new balcony that can provide extra seating for performances.  On a day-to-day basis it will be set up with tables and chairs and provide a space for small club meetings and craft workshops.  This meeting area will accommodate up to 30 people.

The third floor, which amounts to 840 square feet will be rough finished with wiring and insulation but due to budget constraints, will not be cosmetically completed.

The OCRA Grant is in the amount of $1,139,500 with the local match being $360,500 bringing the total to $1.5 million.