As part of Governor Eric Holcomb’s Executive Order pertaining to the pandemic: towns, cities, townships, counties and businesses are to create a COVID Response Plan ensuring a safe environment for employees and customers.

City NEwsOn Monday evening the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety officially implemented their plan. The plan includes several sections: employee health screening, workplace sanitation, personal sanitation, social distancing and face coverings along with communication.

At the beginning of each work day, employees with the City of Plymouth are to perform a self-assessment of their health and fitness. If at any time throughout the workday an employee experiences symptoms of COVID-19 they are to report to their supervisor.

All city departments have implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols including regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

Personal sanitation encourages city employees to wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer which is available from the city.

To the extent practical, all city employees will comply with social distancinig requirements established by the CDC, including maintaining 6-feet if distance for both employees and members of the general public when possible. Wearing a face mask is required if social distancing cannot be obtained and there is no other separation measures in place.

Under the communication portion of the plan all city employees are encouraged to communicate with their immediate supervisors their ideas and thoughts regarding how the city can continue to improve it operations while enhancing safety during the pandemic.

Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety members were each given a copy of the COVID-19 Response Plan and it was distributed to city employees as well as posting it in various locations