nelson chipman 2018Last week the County Commissioners authorize the Prosecutor to apply for two grants.

Prosecutor Nelson Chipman said the first grant is the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant better known as (JAG).     The JAG program is administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and provides federal criminal justice funding to state.  The funding is intended for a variety of areas, such as personnel, training, equipment and supplies.

The Prosecutor will be applying for a total of $40,731 in grant funds.  He plans to purchase equipment and supplies for the Marshall County Drug Task Force whose objective is to identify, investigate and apprehend persons involved in illicit drug trafficking, drug cultivation and drug manufacturing.  Another objective is to dismantle drug networks and to seize drug shipments into Marshall County.  The grant application is for $15,731.32 in equipment and supplies and $25,000 in buy money.

Chipman said this grant is a continuation of last year’s grant and now that they are in the third year there is a 25% local match required.  The local match is approximately $10,200 will be paid for with nearly $8,000 of in-kind expenditures and the balance from the pre-trial diversion funds.

The second grant is from Drug Free Marshall County from the Local Coordinating Council in the amount of $2,000.  These funds be used to purchase clandestine equipment and for buy money.

The commissioners unanimously approved the two grant applications for the prosecutor.