Ancilla_OlivetAncilla College on Friday, November 20, 2020 canceled in-person classes for the remainder of the fall semester after a spike of coronavirus cases that have occurred over the past week. Students will return home for the last seven class days of the semester, including finals week.

College President Dr. Michele Dvorak, PHJC stated that an increase of positive cases in the student population for coronavirus on campus at this time prompted the decision. “To ensure the well-being of all students, faculty and staff, we have elected to have students complete the remaining nine days of the semester at home. I am confident that our efforts have prevented many from risk. Our decision is based on our commitment to continue to protect the well-being of all. The current number of positive cases among our student body and in our area call for these preventative measures.

” Students have three days of regular classwork to complete before finals, which are scheduled for November 30-December 3. Faculty have already been utilizing hybrid models in class using both in-person and virtual options for students to attend class throughout the semester. “All of our faculty have prepared their classes with the possibility of having to quickly move to an online format at any point in the semester and for whatever duration is needed. We will adapt our final weeks of class to online and work with the students to finish the semester successfully.” President Dvorak said.

Arrangements will be made with on-campus students to check out of their rooms for the fall semester as quickly as possible. Spring semester begins January 25, with student-athletes returning January 10, pending NJCAA decisions.

Care for the students and their families has promoted another initiative from Ancilla. With the leadership of the Indiana Department of Health Ancilla College 574-936-8898 Page 2 (IDOH), and in collaboration with the Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI), Ancilla will offer testing for all students, faculty and staff prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. The IDOH realizes that thousands of students will be returning to their homes and are MOST concerned with spread in this manner. To that end, the IDOH will provide free BinaxNow Rapid tests (15-minute results). Ancilla personnel has planned for Thursday, November 19, 2020 as the testing day with stations in Miller and Hardesty Halls as well as Charger Lounge.