Laura Mann blood driveSaturday, November 14th the volunteer blood donors that came to donate blood at the Mayor of Plymouth’s blood drive graciously gave an invaluable resource in order to support many patients in need throughout Indiana and Southern Michigan.   The South Bend Medical Foundation would like to sincerely thank all of the donors for sharing their good health and for taking the time to make a difference in so many lives.  As you may know, they are constantly in need of blood donations and this blood drive will help us to be able to sustain a safe blood supply.

The Medical Foundation would also like to extend their gratitude to Mayor Senter for his support.  They also gave a special thank you to Laura Mann, the Mayor’s assistant for all her assistance and dedication in organizing an incredible, lifesaving blood drive.   This blood drive will directly impact the lives of trauma victims, cancer patients, surgery patients, premature infants, patients with sickle-cell disease, and many, many others. What a great community and network of individuals that care in Plymouth!

The Medical Foundation relies solely on volunteer blood donations to meet the needs of patients in Indiana and Southern Michigan. Roughly 200 donors are needed every single day to meet the demand. Approximately half of this supply is received at mobile blood drives throughout the community. Support from organizations like yours is what makes this happen!

Thank you again for your support and for giving the opportunity for donors to give the gift of life at a convenient place. Donors that were able to give at your blood drive will be eligible to donate again in 56 days.