Argos_Town SignAs the saying goes “find a need and fill that need” and that is exactly what Argos Community Schools is doing. The Town of Argos is growing and the need for a childcare facility is now.

The Argos Community Schools’ Board of Trustees met Monday night and unanimously approved turning the corporation’s former Administration building into a childcare facility. The building requires very little updating to accommodate the new purpose.

Ned Speicher, Superintendent of Argos Community Schools, is pleased with the win-win solution. “There is a need for childcare in the community, we are in the industry of caring for children with many necessary amenities already in play, and we have the building. It just makes sense that we take the lead to provide this service for our community.”

A survey regarding the desire for childcare was conducted earlier this year with positive responses. Speicher adds “we received supportive comments from our staff, and we are thrilled to be able to provide this employment perk to them. It will be easier for busy working parents to have their child on campus. We also see this opportunity to be a huge advantage for our nursing mothers to have their baby within a quick walking distance.” Another added benefit for the corporation staff is they will receive a reduction in the cost of childcare. Rates for childcare services will be shared in the near future.

The school corporation is partnering with Small Wonders to manage the day-to-day operations of childcare. Small Wonders has been providing childcare services for years in Marshall County. “This partnership makes sense” states Debra Friar, who has been a provider of childcare services for over 20 years and is owner of Small Wonders. “We will be stepping into a building that is ready and more importantly, a community that is ready. We are looking forward to serving Argos families.”

Small Wonders’ mission that children are encouraged to wonder at the world around them, to use their creativity and curiosity to learn and explore is a seamless fit for the ACS Childcare Academy. “A top-quality childcare can ensure a child is projected towards a positive future” comments Monty Peden, President of the Board of Trustees of Argos Community Schools. “The students at Argos Community Schools are already on the track for success. We are excited to see what springboard this childcare service will provide our future students.”

The ACS Childcare Academy is on target to open the doors in early 2021. Details regarding how to utilize the service will be available on the Argos Community Schools’ website and social media accounts soon.

Argos Community Schools has always followed the tradition of providing quality instruction to all students so that they can achieve success in learning. As a one campus k-12 school corporation, the goal is to maintain excellence to ensure the success of every child. Learn more about this high achieving school at