Neighborhoo Center Donations...Yolanda's animals Nov 2020The Neighborhood Center of Plymouth is always happy to receive donations of canned goods, meats, household supplies and clothing.
Chris Garner of the Neighborhood Center recently received a donation of brand new, hand crocheted stuffed animals which can go to Neighborhood Center patron’s children. Garner was very happy to receive these items from Yolanda Roush of Miller’s Assisted Living in Plymouth. Garner said they appreciate items like these so that children have a chance to choose a toy or parents can use them for gifts for their children.
The Neighborhood Center is located at 402 W. Garro Street in Plymouth. The center is not allowing patrons in the building at this time but you may make contact with the center and they will put the items you request outside their building on a table for pick up.
For further information about this way of doing business with the Neighborhood Center please call 574-936-3388.