County news # 2County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters updated the County Commissioners on the work his employees are doing.  Highway workers have been patching, grading, cutting brush and berming roads.  They plan to grind humps off Lincoln highway east of Bourbon this week and finish berming Lincolnway at McQueens Addition.

Work will begin on the 7B Road culvert replacement project this week.  This project is east of Michigan Road.  The structure is scheduled to be delivered today and on November 29th the plan to remove the old pipes and the following day assemble the structure and prep the ditch bottom.  On December 1st they hope to place the culvert and back fill it.  December 2nd would be finishing work and reopening 7B Road.

County highway workers are preparing for winter, checking the trucks over, getting the sanders in place and putting the V-box sanders in and checking the plows over and making sure they are ready to go.

Peters said he will be submitting the Asset Management Plan before the December 1st deadline to be in compliance for receiving a Community Crossings Grant in 2021.

Peters also told the commissioners the additional appropriation has been submitted to purchase the two timber bridges; Bridge #5 on Tamarack Road for $186,745.33 and Bridge #9 on Queen Road for $112,609.15.  Purchasing the bridges this year will save the county thousands of dollars due to the increased cost of timber.