County News # 1During a specially call meeting of the Marshall County Commissioner on Friday they approved several changes to the employee handbook.

The commissioners have been working at modifying the vacation time benefit.  They wanted to move to a Paid Time Off (PTO) benefit but received push-back from employees so they will continue with the same vacation days, personnel days and sick days benefits that have been in place.  There is a change in when vacation time needs to be used.  When employees earn their vacation time it needs to be taken and used before their next anniversary date.  The commissioners are not going to allow the 90 days of carry-over any more.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer also discussed a change in mileage claims.  He said, “In the past there have been people who held on to their mileage claims until the month of December.”  Overmyer said claims must be presented within 30 days of acquiring the claim.  He said mileage claims can’t be held onto any more.

The county has had a policy in place for many years, when new employees are hired-on there is a 90 day probationary period and 90% pay.  Overmyer said many times employees change jobs by transferring to another office in the county and the department head or elected official typically comes in and requests the 90 day probationary pay be waived since they’ve been working for the county.  The commissioners are removing the 90% pay and will pay full pay from day one. The 90 day probationary period will remain in place.

Bereavement time-off has been clarified by the commissioners too.  An employee is eligible to take three days off when a close family member passes away. Overmyer said, “You will take the day before, the day of and the day after the funeral.”  He said a few employees have tried to use their bereavement time in December, long after the death.  He said you can’t hang on to them for use at another time. Bereavement time is for the employee who is dealing with a death and not a benefit day to be taken off at any other time.