Culver Town HallOn November 13, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued Executive Order 20-48, continuing a public health emergency for COVID-19 and setting county based measures and restrictions based on the impact and spread of the coronavirus disease.

The Culver Town Council encourages all staff, residents, and visitors to continue to follow local, county, state, and federal recommendations for the use of personal protective equipment such as face coverings and gloves when outside the home or in close proximity to others; and

The following public guidelines in Culver will be in effect starting on November 15 and continuing through December 12, unless otherwise extended or modified by the Town Council.

Social gatherings of any kind, inside or outside, are limited to 50 people.  Special, seasonal or commercial events planned for more than 50 people require approval of a safety plan by the Marshall County Health Department.

If Marshall County is moved to “red” status, indicating a high level of positivity and community spread for COVID-19 on the Indiana State Department of Health’s COVID-19 Dashboard, the following restrictions shall be implemented: social gatherings of any kind, inside or outside, are limited to 25 people; special, seasonal or commercial events planned for more than 25 people require approval of safety plans by the local health department. Events are not advised to be held.

The following additional staff and town operational guidelines will be in effect starting on November 15 and continuing through December 12: residents are asked to pay utilities by check or online whenever possible. The utilities payment drop box in the police lobby will remain accessible 24/7 for payment drop-off.

The Culver Town hall offices will remain open by appointment only, and the exterior door will be locked during business hours. Visitors who have an appointment will be required to wear a face covering.  All public meetings shall be held online using the Microsoft Teams platform for public participation and public input. Elected and appointed officials and town staff shall have the option of joining in person or using Microsoft Teams. This includes town council, redevelopment commission, plan commission, and BZA. Members of the public wishing to present in person must be approved in advance by the town manager to reduce the size of the gathering.

Culver town staff will be allowed to work a portion of their schedule from home if approved by town manager and department head or approved by the clerk-treasurer in the case of the deputy-clerk. Face coverings are required for all staff when riding in a vehicle with another staff member, when entering a private property, an indoor public space, retail establishment, or any other time they are not able to social distance. Staff will continue temperature check policy daily until further notice.

All indoor park facility rentals shall be subject to the state and local event guidelines for maximum gathering sizes. Park hosted fitness classes will be limited to a total of 8 individuals and masks will be required for all participants. The utilities department shall separate into two separate crews, one group operating from the street garage and one from the sewer plant. The utilities superintendent will avoid scheduling combined work assignments, trainings, or breaks for the two separated crews.

The town pandemic leave policy and return to work policy for staff enacted in local Resolution # 2020-002 shall remain in effect until further notice.  In the case of confirmed or suspected staff member illness, staff will avoid all shared areas for 24 hours or until a CDC recommended cleaning method can be performed on the shared work area by properly trained staff or a qualified professional.  All staff shall avoid being in close physical proximity with citizens, co-workers, vendors, and other colleagues, especially indoors. All meetings, trainings, and other communications should be moved online or via telephone or email whenever possible. Meetings or trainings planned for larger than 10 staff shall require a written safety plan approved by the town manager prior to the meeting or training.