CourthouseThe Marshall County Commissioners held a special meeting (this, Friday) morning to address the growing number of positive COVID-19 cases in the county.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger presented two resolutions for consideration.  The first resolution adopted deals with restrictions and closing of County facilities to the public while the second one is a requirement for employees to mask up.

Beginning Monday, November 15th all Marshall County facilities will restrict public access.  Business being conducted in the County Building will be limited to essential services only by appointment due to the current health concerns.   In the Court House the Clerk’s office will restrict public access.  If the public has a need for essential service they may contact the county office they need to speak with by telephone or email and make special arrangements with that office for limited access.

This restriction have been put in place to protect county elected officials, appointed officials and county employees.

Any person who is to appear in one of the county’s three courts is still required to attend with the restrictions in place, which includes wearing a face covering and social distancing.

The Marshall County Museum and the County Jail will be closed to the public until this order is lifted.

The second resolution orders all county elected, appointed and employees to properly wear a mask, covering nose and mouth at all times while in county facilities, social distance and sanitize hands frequently.  It also orders employees with a cough, temperature or feeling ill to stay home.

If a county employee, appointed official or elected officer doesn’t wear a mask properly while in county facilities they will be in violation of the Employee Conduct Regulations.  If a violation occurs the employee will face disciplinary action which could result in being asked to leave the facility.  That would be an unexcused absence and without pay.

An employee who can’t wear a mask due to a medical condition will need to provide medical documentation to the HR Director.