Republic Services toteResidents of Plymouth will see a small increase in their monthly garbage collection fee.

On Monday the City Council suspended the rules and passed an ordinance on all three reading that will increase the monthly charge for garbage.

Sean Surrisi, the City Attorney reminded the council that there had been no increases for the first 10 years of the contract with Republic Services. The city negotiated a new 5 year contract last year that includes a modest $.55 increase in the collection charge that was slated to go into effect this month.

While there is an increase to the trash collection charge, the city recycling fee which is currently $1.86 will be reduced $.04 per month because the recycling materials being placed in the curb side totes has been clean with less contamination. Thus, city residents will have a $.49 increase on their monthly utility bill from the city.

The Plymouth City Council suspended the rules and passed the ordinance on all three readings. The increase will start December 1st.