scriptedA brand new, 21st-century instructional media resource book has just been released, intended to help K-12 educators navigate virtually every aspect of introducing and teaching digital media in the classroom, including podcasting, radio, and television broadcasting. Scripted” An Educator’s Guide to Media in the Classroom, developed by three digital media educators with 75 years of combined experience, Paula Neidlinger, Bruce Reicher, and Randall Tomes, is published by EduMatch Publishing and is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The book provides classroom-proven strategies and resources, trials and tribulations, and ideas to assist educators in building or adding to their existing digital media program. A unique perspective of the book is that it provides resources based on varying teaching, geographical, and economic insights. Each chapter provides specific resources, lessons, and classroom examples, which can be adapted to benefit classroom programs and needs.

“Every 21st-century school, from K to 12 and beyond, should have this book and consider it today’s Bible of student-run broadcasting. It is a clear, detailed roadmap for any educator who wants to introduce multimedia skills in their school’s curriculum,” stated Backbone Network CEO, Richard Cerny.

Contact and ordering information is available at Scripted Educators. Bulk orders can be purchased through EduMatch Publishing.

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Scripted- An Educator’s Guide to Media in the Classroomis the recipe guide to creating a successful media model for all students, preparing them with the future digital skills they will need for tomorrow’s careers. The “Scripted” authors are seasoned educators teaching in the digital trenches every day. They have partnered with WeVideo, Wakelet, and Backbone Networks, providing digital resources to assist educators in building digital media programs. For resources and contact information visit Scripted Educators.