Hite Law OfficePresident of the Marshall County Commissioners, Kevin Overmyer approached the County Council Monday to discuss the acquisition of a piece of property.  Overmyer would like to purchase the Law office of Doug Hite and Joe Simanski at 211 West Jefferson Street in Plymouth.

The Commissioners had two appraisals on the property and the average of the two was $138,500.  Overmyer told the council he’d like to transfer the $138,500 out of the group health insurance line item in the commissioner’s budget and move it to acquisitions.

The commissioners plan to purchase the building and then in the spring demolish the structures on the lot and add to the existing parking lot immediately to the east.  Overmyer said parking is always an issue, he continued, “With the fourth court coming we will need more parking.”

Overmyer also said they will work with the current tenant allowing him some time to find a new office.  Once he vacates the building the county will let The Habitat Restore remove anything left in the building.

Judy Stone, President of the County Council questioned the transfer from the health insurance line item.  Overmyer told council members they recently negotiated a new contract with United Healthcare.  Part of the negotiations includes no premium payment in December.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger will work on a sales agreement and the County Council unanimously approved the transfer.