Marshall County Health Department logoThe Marshall County Health Department requests the purchase of a new truck at the County Commissioners meeting Monday.

Public Health Nurse Lisa Letsinger presented the request on behalf of the Health Department for a basic pickup truck which is in their 2021 budget.  Bids were obtained from Oliver Ford Lincoln and Country Auto.   Country Auto bid a 2021 Ram half-ton truck for $28,188 with an additional extended warranty for $2,816 bringing the total to $31,004.  Oliver Ford bid a 2021 Ford F-150 for $33,532 with a smaller engine and $34,637 for a truck with a larger engine.

Letsinger said they wanted to appropriate funds for the current year and reduce the 2021 budget by $30,000 so they can purchase the vehicle this year.

Commissioners Stan Klotz said, “These are 4 by 4’s with crew cabs and base models with a tow package.  The trucks are undercoated because doc wants to keep it for 10 years.  Basically a no-frills truck that will do the job.”

Letsinger said the truck would primarily be used by the county’s environmentalist and it’s anticipated being used to tow the mass vaccination trailer.

The commissioners approved the purchase for the Health Department with the understanding that the Health Department will seek the council’s approval for an additional appropriation at their meeting next week.