County News # 1The Marshall County Coroner will purchase a second vehicle to transport COVID-19 positive bodies.

During the Commissioner’s meeting on Monday, Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said he’s been putting John Grolich’s request on the back burner but with the increased numbers of positive COVID-19 cases in the county and the rising number of deaths the coroner is seeking a second vehicle that would separate the driver from the deceased individual.  This vehicle would also have an interior that could easily washed out and disinfected.

Grolich can use this vehicle for body transportation of citizens who have contagious diseases not only from the scene of the death to the morgue, but also to the area funeral homes.

The vehicle had initially been approved by the state through the CARES Act funding at $80,000.    The state has changed the way to get funds to government agencies quicker by approving payroll.    The state doesn’t want to take the time to review and approve each counties purchases.  Instead the state wants counties to submit payroll claims and then allow the government agencies to use the savings from payroll to fund their own COVID-19 projects.

The proposed vehicle is $30,444 and then outfitting the interior would be another $34,510 making the final number $64,954.

Commissioners Stan Klotz said he definitely sees a need for this type of vehicle.

Klotz also noted that the coroner currently has a leased vehicle and that the lease will be up in a couple of months.  He suggested looking at purchasing the vehicle when the lease is complete.