Plymouth Color Logo2014After some discussion the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved a request of Berger Construction to place a temporary asphalt ramp on Oak Drive, south of the entrance to the Coke plant for a construction job.

Berger Construction will be constructing a 120 by 90 foot warehouse addition on the south side of the Coke Plant over the next 6 months.  The temporary ramp in the gutter will allow construction vehicles and concrete trucks to access the construction site without driving through too much of the grassy lawn.

Monday evening Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt said he had two issues with the asphalt ramp in the gutter; one is that it could force storm water into the roadway and secondly when the snow arrives, the plow driver may take it out.

Kevin Berger attended the meeting and said he selected the location of the ramp because it was the shortest way to the construction site, it is farther away from the intersection, it’s directly across from the entrance to Valmont and there is a storm drain just to the south that should capture water before it gets to the ramp.  Berger said the only other option was to use the existing drive and move construction vehicles across the yard and around the mature trees.  He also said if the snowplow takes out the ramp they would put another temporary one in its place.

Eventually the recommendation was made to approve the request with a condition that it water drainage becomes an issue the ramp will be taken out immediately.   The Board approved request 4 to 0 with councilwoman Shiloh Milner absent from the meeting.