SouthBendMedicalFoundationStarting Monday, blood donations collected at all South Bend Medical Foundation donation centers will be tested for COVID-19 antibodies.

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, the addition of this antibody test plays an important role in helping the South Bend Medical Foundation identify and recruit potential convalescent plasma donors.

“Convalescent plasma continues to be a promising treatment option to help severely ill patients recover from COVID-19,” stated Dr. Joyce Simpson, South Bend Medical Foundation President. “We are pleased to have COVID-19 antibody testing part of our blood donation and screening process.”

Test results will indicate if the donor’s immune system has produced antibodies to the coronavirus, regardless of whether they developed symptoms. A positive test result indicates that a donor likely produced an immune response to the virus. A negative test result means a donor has either not been exposed to COVID-19, or their level of antibody is not high enough to detect.

Donors who complete a successful blood donation can expect to receive antibody results via email in approximately 7-10 days following their donation. Donations are by appointment only and can be scheduled at or by calling 574-234-1157.

The presence of COVID-19 antibodies is completely safe for both donors and blood product recipients.

The South Bend Medical Foundation Blood Bank is regulated by the FDA and follows thorough protocols to ensure donor safety, as well as staying on top of and following all precautions and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Indiana State Department of Health and St. Joseph County Health Department to protect donors.