Senator Young 2020U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) released the following statement in response to the White House releasing their new “National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies,” which outlines how the United States will promote and protect our competitive edge in fields such as artificial intelligence, energy, quantum information science, communication and networking technologies, semiconductors, military, and space technologies.

“The Administration’s announcement today of a Critical and Emerging Technologies strategy is a positive step forward and something that is long overdue. Just as I laid out months ago in my Endless Frontier Act, this new strategy identifies critical technology areas and proposes mobilizing the federal government to focus significant resources on ensuring we remain the global leader in these fields. Combatting the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in these areas is vital for both our economic and national security. This new announcement lays the groundwork for my Endless Frontier Act which will provide the resources necessary for our country to act,” said Senator Young.

Senator Young has been calling for the federal government to provide more resources and making critical investments in research and development of emerging technologies. Senator Young has been working together with Senator Schumer and earlier this year unveiled a major bipartisan proposal titled the Endless Frontier Act.

Since introducing the Endless Frontier Act, Senators Young and Schumer have received praise from:

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