Hite Law OfficeThe Marshall County Commissioners have an interest in purchasing the law offices of Doug Hite and Joe Simanski across the street from the Court House.

The county made their interest know when they were looking for a new location for Community Corrections.  Community Corrections has been using the administration offices of the extra court room in the Court House.  Earlier this year state legislation granted Marshall a third Superior Court.  That court will begin operations on July 1, 2021, thus the need to relocate Community Corrections.

Community Corrections has decided to move to the second floor of the Community Resource Center since the County Health Department is already in the building it will be easier to bring in the phone system and internet.

The commissioners had two appraisals done for the Hite property.  One came back at $137,000 and the second was $140,000.  The county can only pay the average of those two or $138,500.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said the property owner is will to sell for the average price.

Commissioners Kevin Overmyer said he felt it was a good idea to get the property since it sits right next to the county’s parking lot.  He said, “We already have parking issues and with a the fourth court coming in we will need more parking.”

Overmyer will approach the County Council at the November meeting to seek additional funds to purchase the property.