leaf-rakingKaren Heim, Culver’s Clerk-Treasurer says the temperatures are falling and so are the leaves. As you are clearing the leaves please keep these things in mind:

  • In Culver they will start leaf collection the week of October 26. The crew has a route they follow through town from north to south. When complete, they start over again. The speed at which they can get through town depends on the amount of leaves to be collected.
  • When raking leaves, please rake them TO THE CURB, keeping them on the lawn or sidewalk. Please DO NOT place them in the street. If they are in the street, they get run over and matted down making them more difficult to collect. Also, if they are raked into the street, the chance of them going into the storm sewer and into the lake increases and this is not good for Lake Max.
  • The Town of Culver would also like you to keep sticks separate from the leaves. They use what is essentially a large vacuum to suck up the leaves. Sticks can plug up the hose and cause damage to the machine delaying the collection process.

Culver Clerk Treasurer said, “Thank you for keeping these things in mind as you prepare your yard for winter.”