Jingu Steel WheelJingu North American received final approval in the Tax Abatement process during Monday evenings Plymouth City Council meeting.

During a public hearing David Saylor, CEO of Jungu North American told members they will be investing $31.3 million to manufacture Original Equipment Manufacture steel wheels for the car and light truck industry. He said they can also do commercial steel wheels for semis. While the new industry is associated with Indiana Wheel, the maker of steel wheels for the RV and trailer industry that came to Plymouth last year, Jungu will create this new plant in another 150,000 square foot building on the same site as Indiana Wheel. They plan to hire 80 new employees within a year to 18 months.

Monday evening the Plymouth Common Council unanimously approved a resolution declaring the property at 2935 VanVactor Drive to be within an Economic Revitalization Area. Jungu North American was granted a 10-year Tax Abatement with a 10 percent declining scale.