Plymouth Leaf PickupStarting next week (weather permitting) the Plymouth Street Department will start the 2020 Curb-Side Leaf Pick-Up.
Leaves are to be raked to the curb and NOT in the street. The leaf machine does not go down alleys or into manufactured housing parks.
Residents are reminded that there is no leaf pick-up in the spring so get your leaves out early.
Leaf Pick-Up schedule will be as follows for your designated area.
Area A: Oct. 19 & 26, Nov. 2, 3 & 17
Area B: Oct. 20 & 27, Nov. 4, 5 & 18
Area C: Oct. 21 & 28, Nov. 6, 9 & 19
Area D: Oct. 22 & 29, Nov. 10, 12 & 20
Area E: Oct. 23 & 30, Nov. 13, 16 & 23
If you have leaves for pick-up after these dates they must be bagged and put at the curb for pick-up, fall and spring. Any loose yard waste not in a container will not be picked-up. The Plymouth Street Department does not pick-up whole trees or clean up after contractors.
If you have any questions call the street department at 936-2017.