NewsLocal health departments are required by state statute to inform the public of the discovery of released regulated substances at an underground storage tank site or in the surrounding a spill or overfill under.  The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) was notified on October 2 of this year of such an incident from the owner or operator of the Former Roger Emmons Gas facility located at 12915/12947 U.S. Highway 6 near LaPaz in Marshall County.

The site reportedly operated as a gas station until the mid-1980s, but there was no reported closure of the petroleum tanks. In January of this year, an investigation began on the property which included the advancement of six soil borings and the collection of soil and groundwater samples across the site. The property investigation entered into the Indiana Brownfields Program in February 2020 and remedial actions of soil excavation took place in May. The petroleum tanks were not discovered and appear to have been removed as previously thought, although a 1,000-gallon steal heating oil UST tank was removed.

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