Farm tractors on roadways

Fall is here, with cooler air settling around Indiana and local farmers out on the roads for harvest season.

State Representative Jack Jordan said, “It’s important, especially in our rural communities, that we look out for heavy farm equipment, slow down and share the road.”

Typically, farm equipment does not travel more than 25 mph, and drivers need to be patient and cautious when approaching. Farm equipment – tractors, combines, grain carts, wagons and large hauling trucks – typically display a red triangle-shaped reflector to warn drivers.

Representative Jordan said, “Some of the most dangerous areas on the road while traveling are on hills and near curves where blind spots make passing dangerous. Patience is key, and drivers should consider leaving earlier and using alternate routes where available this harvest season.”

Remember, farmers will attempt to pull over for motorists when they can do so safely.

Please do not tailgate, only pass in designated zones and follow the hands-free driving law, so everyone can arrive at their destination safely.