Brown Bag Koontz photographyThe Marshall County Museum will host their final Brown Bag event for 2020 this Friday, October 9th at noon.

“The Extraordinary Photography of J.R. Koontz” will be presented by museum staffers Sue Irwin, Sandy Garrison, and Sarah Whisman.
This thrilling talk on photography around the turn of the last century will be on Zoon with a special focus on local farmer and photographer, J.R. Koontz.

Born in Bremen in 1874, Koontz was a self-taught photographer that thoughtfully and expertly captured the life of his Midwestern farming family.   The museum staff will explore Koontz’s natural talent and technical proficiency through a discussion of his work as well as photography trends of the time.

This talk is part of a larger exhibit on J.R. Koontz, his work, and photography, displayed in the Museum starting on October 9.
To register for this program on Zoom, email or call the Museum at (574) 936-2306 and the Zoom meeting details will be sent to you.