County news # 2County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters gave a power-point presentation on the North Michigan Road mill and fill paving project this summer.  He also details and showed before and after photos on the various county roads off of North Michigan Road that were improved this season.

County employees chipped and sealed 4A Road east of Michigan Road and workers wedged and leveled the Keyser Subdivision off Michigan Road with dry millings and then used slag to chip and sealed the road.   4B Road was wedged and leveled with dry millings and then chip and sealed with slag and 5th Road west of Michigan was wedged and leveled and then chip and sealed.  Improvements were made to 5A Road east of Michigan with chip and seal; 5C west of Michigan was chip and sealed after being wedged and leveled; 5D west of Michigan was chip and sealed and the county used pug to improve 6th Road east of Michigan and then they chip sealed it.  Improvements were made to 6C Road east of Michigan; 7th Road west of Michigan; 7B east of Michigan, Woodbury and McLeaver Road were all wedged and leveled with pug millings and then chip and sealed using slag.

Superintendent Peters told the commissioners all the millings used for these additional projects were millings from North Michigan Road.  He said, “By funding these additional projects the County Highway Department was able to add 7 miles of upgrade road miles for the 2020 Road Program.”  Looking at a comparison, the Michigan Road project was contracted out and cost $12.29 per square yard while the county was able to do the side roads a $2.55 per square yard.  If those projects would have been contracted out it would have cost the county $1,009,414.57 but instead the total cost to the county was $210,000.